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The Hottest Thing in Hare Care Right Now

Taking care of our hair is an endless struggle. We want to style it? Heat damage. We want to air dry it? Frizz. We want to color it? Breakage and fading. We love playing with different hairstyles, cuts and colors, but wow, it can be a pain. Even going a day or two between washes doesn’t always help, with some dry shampoo making our locks greasier than ever. We need a treatment that has benefits beyond those of our shampoo and conditioner! That’s why we checked out the hottest thing since sliced bread, — or, in this case, beach waves — in hair care.

Olaplex #3 is an at-home game-changer for use between salon visits for cuts and blowouts. It’s a bond builder of professional quality, and it claims that its patented technology can provide structural repair on every type of hair. Hi, we need that. This “Haircare Science” is part of a multi-step system, but shoppers say noticeable results appear from just No. 3 alone! Visit us and add other Olaplex products to a hair care routine.

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