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G r e t c h e n

People love Gretchen because she is

bohemian, adventurous, and charismatic

Born and raised in Maryland, Gretchen specializes in foil placement and color design. She works swiftly and intently. She is passionate about her craft, which is second nature to her. Gretchen is best known for creating the “perfect blonde”.


Service Pricing

Blow Dry $65



Women's $95  |  Men’s $70  |  Kid's $70

One Process Color $110


Full $250  |  Partial $145  |  Mini $90

Full Balayage $250  |  Partial Balayage $225


Glaze (as add on) $35

Gretchen's Hours:

Tues/Wed 2pm -7pm

Thurs/Fri 9am - 1:30pm

"The absolute best hairstylist ever. She knows what she is doing. Can’t go wrong under her care. I actually drive about 40 minutes to have her take care of my hair. Worth every minute!" 

-Shelly W.


"Gretchen does fantastic work: beautiful coloring, haircuts, and blow drys. Expert, professional work. Plus Gretchen is the sweetest, most understanding and adorable hairdresser ever! Five stars plus"

-Gilda B.

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