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Salon Central Hair Stylists - Gretchen

People love Gretchen because she is bohemian, adventurous, and charismatic. 

Born and raised in Maryland, Gretchen specializes in foil placement and color design. She works swiftly and intently. She is passionate about her craft, which is second nature to her. Gretchen is best known for creating the “perfect blonde”.

"I was lucky enough to find Gretchen! [She] is so warm, kind, patient and will listen to exactly what you want and then actually do it! I have had quite a few people ask me when I got my color done, which is such a nice complement. The staff couldn't be friendlier. Thanks Gretchen; You RockGirl!" - Karen C., Yelp Inc. 

Blow Dry: $52

Women's Haircut: $85
Men’s Haircut: $55

Color: $94
Mini Highlight: $52

Partial Highlight: $125

Full Highlight: $165

Balayage: $186

Glaze: $26
Boy’s Haircut: $35

Girl’s Haircut: $50

10317 Westlake Drive • Bethesda, MD • Phone: 301-767-1077

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