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People love Gal because she is attentive, charming and energetic

Meet our new associate, Gal! Born in New York, she grew up in Montgomery County. She is a fully licensed cosmetologist who recently graduated in 2022 from the Paul Mitchell partner school in Rockville, MD. Eager to start her career as a full-fledged stylist, she is participating in a mentorship at Salon Central. Gal is receiving top notch coaching and guidance from two of our senior stylists to expand her working knowledge and hone her technical skills. Gal greatly enjoys haircuts and blow outs. She is fluent in Hebrew.

*Please note that as Gal is learning through her mentorship she may take a little longer with her services. Rest assured she is committed to providing all her guests exceptional service with great prices. You will still receive the full Salon Central experience. We always have a senior stylist working alongside her.


Associate Service Pricing

Blow Dry $40



Women's $60  |  Men's $38  |  Kid's $38


One Process Color $70



Full $130  |  Partial 110  |  Mini $80

Full Balayage $170  |  Partial Balayage $130

Check out Gal's 


Gal's Hours:

As she is an associate stylist please call salon for bookings with Gal. Thank you!

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