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Salon Central Bethesda; The Skinny On Purchasing Haircare From Online And The Big Boxes

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Look... At Salon Central Bethesda, we're not comparing ourselves to doctors, but when we prescribe what we feel is best for your freshly cut and colored hair, that you've just spent anywhere from $75-$300 and up, you might want to listen. 

     Our goal isn't to push products. It is our duty as your hair care professional, to help you duplicate the style we've created in the salon, by yourself at home. So when we suggest a mousse, or gel, or smoother, it's for the greater good of us all. Shampoo's, conditioners and at home treatments are suggested only to help preserve your gorgeous hair color for as long as possible (sorry, not responsible for those white roots that pop out after 3-4 weeks).

     You will be thrilled that your hair looks awesome, and you did it yourself, and that you will get compliments from friends and family, who will asked you - where do you get your hair done? - and you will tell them Salon Central. YES, that's exactly what we wanted!  Now you understand... We all win!!!

     I know many of you are using products that you purchase online, at the drugstore or grocery store. You probably think our products are too expensive and that what you've been using is just fine. Just know that you get what you pay for. Yes, all shampoos are made to clean the hair and scalp, however like all wine is made from grapes, some are just better than others.  The professional shampoos and conditioners that we offer at the salon are much more concentrated, therefore they may be more expensive, but will outlast your CVS shampoo by weeks. Our products will have less water and sulfates in them.  The more sulfates in the mix, the faster your hair color will fade. The more water in the bottle the faster it will be gone.

You also can't assume they are new the real deal. Once traded hands anything can happen inside the bottle. People assume they are saving money at big box stores but... surprise, YOU'RE NOT! Don't forget the middle man.

When you purchase your hair care products from us, we are honored that you trust our recommendation. We also guarantee our products as they are backed by companies like  Redken, Lanza, Pureology and Loreal.  We encourage you to exchange them for something else if they are not performing as we promised.  

     Lastly, let's not forget that you are helping a small local business. As always, we appreciate your loyalty and thank you for your patronage and thanks for purchasing your hair care from us. Gail Cohen

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