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Salon Central Hair Stylists - Meg

People love Meg because she is honest, energetic and vibrant.

Born and raised in Washington, DC. Meg's energy is enough to keep her clients continuing to come back. She is a highly skilled colorist that specializes in color correction. Meg loves a challenge, whether it's creating a soft highlight or a dramatic color. Blonde, brunette or purple haired, rest assured you are in good hands with Meg.

Blow Dry: $40

Women's Haircut: $68
Men’s Haircut: $48

Color: $75
Mini Highlight: $65

Partial Highlight: $100

Full Highlight: $125

Balayage: $160

Partial Balayage: $120

Glaze: $26

Boy’s Haircut: $35

Girl’s Haircut: $45