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M e g

People love Meg because she is

honest, energetic and vibrant


Born and raised in Washington, DC. Meg's energy is enough to keep her clients continuing to come back. She is a highly skilled colorist that specializes in color correction. Meg loves a challenge, whether it's creating a soft highlight or a dramatic color. Blonde, brunette or purple haired, rest assured you are in good hands with Meg.


Service Pricing

Blow Dry $43



Women's $75  |  Men's $51  |  Kid's $51


One Process Color $75



Full $125  |  Partial $105  |  Mini $70

Full Balayage $180  |  Partial Balayage $130


Glaze (as add on) $30

Meg's Hours:

Please call the salon as Meg has

varying days and hours she works.

Thank you!

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